Stewart PughStewart Pugh will demonstrate with “show & tell” the basic close-down procedures for winterizing small outboard motors on November 28, 2012 from 12pm – 1:30pm at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend. The event is free, but reservations are requested by emailing or calling 360.385.3628 x101.

At this event Pugh will also unveil his new manual “Basic Outboard Maintenance.” The manual will be for sale for the first time at the event. The manual is the culmination of Stewart’s years of expertise repairing and restoring outboard motors.

This is a ninety-minute class principally for those who own and operate outboard motors and small dingy crash boats Stewart says,”Outboard motors in a salt water marine environment demand more attention than most operators provide. Loss of an outboard on a small skiff or sail boat could result in an expensive rescue or loss of life. Simple and routine maintenance tasks increase safety on the water and increase the life of the outboard motor.”

Special attention will be directed to typical problems related to salt water, fuel, corrosion, electrical, and unintentional abuse. Stewart will include discussions of both two and four cycle motors. The goal of this short class is for boat owners to reduce repair costs and learn step-by-step how to inspect and uncover basic outboard motor problems. Simple and routine maintenance will be shown and Stewart will have parts of various outboards for his “show and tell”.

Stewart Pugh has worked on all types of marine motors for 45 years and the last 10 years has maintained the fleet of small outboards used by the Northwest Maritime Center and Schooner Adventuress. He has a Port Townsend boat shop that repairs small outboards, inflatable boats and builds underwater robots.