Learning Redefined

Imagine for a moment a new way of learning.

A way rooted in place, surrounded by masters, supported by a community, and in the midst of idyllic beauty. That’s how we do “learning” in Port Townsend.

Our area is home to some of the most dynamic and innovative experiential learning programs in the country. Want to learn how to build wooden boats? No problem. Want to spend a week jamming with blues guitar legends? Check. Feel like building a gypsy wagon? Done.

And on and on…

Port Townsend attracts curious people of all ages who want to learn new skills. New ideas. New trades. Here are some places to start exploring:

Plan Your Future Trip

Map is a fun and interactive way to plan your future dream vacation in Jefferson County. The map links to local businesses and activities in the area, features an easy to use itinerary planner which is sharable on social media, it has a calendar of local events when safe & healthy events can once again be scheduled, and showcases popular trail maps. iMap is a trip planner right at your fingertips. Plan your trip and start exploring what Jefferson County has to offer!