Whether you’re a patron of the arts or an artist yourself, Port Townsend is a haven for celebrating your creative side. With over a dozen art galleries in town there’s a visual cornucopia of imaginative and inspired work to behold.

On the first Saturday of every month, the downtown and uptown communities host Gallery Walk from 5:30-8:30 p.m., giving visitors and locals alike an opportunity to see new work and support local artists.

Each year in the early fall, artists from around the area host a weekend of Studio Tours, opening up their creative and innovative spaces to the public to see them at work.

[styledbox style=”exclamation” ] “At times I am certain that Water Street is part of a stage set, and that I never walked down it past the handsomely restored brick buildings of another century. Within the length and breadth of reality, I could never have entered bookshops where I was invited to linger and read, or eaten in restaurants where shellfish were prepared as they are in Paris, or hovered in antique shops where my heritage and my youth were restored to me in mariners’ compasses, feathered weather vanes, and polished mahogany and brass.

“Above the town there were green cliffs, and I sat on the grass of the highest one and listened to the cries of circling gulls. In the hollow of the land behind me, poets…sang aloud of a printing press for the publication of books of those who remembered their dreams. “At night, I watched from the cliff the illuminated palaces of distant ferry boats floating into the harbors far below. I want to remember this dream.” –Kay Boyle [/styledbox]

Musical events happen nearly every weekend in various clubs around town and culminate in summer festivals such as Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Jazz Port Townsend or the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival.

Centrum, located in Fort Worden State Park, is a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, students of all ages and backgrounds, and audiences seeking extraordinary cultural enrichment. Centrum promotes creative experiences that change lives through workshops, artist residencies and performances.

Copper Canyon Press, also in Fort Worden State Park, is a non-profit publisher that believes poetry is vital to language and living. Since 1972, the Press has published poetry exclusively including works by Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer-Prize winners, National Book Award winners and some of the most original contemporary poets and translators of our time.

Local community theatre has regular performances that will knock your socks off and Shakespeare in the Park happens mid-summer. Key City Public Theatre adds to the vibrant local arts scene of renowned visual artists and galleries, musicians, filmmakers, writers and poets in Port Townsend. Over 10,000 audience members, students and visitors throughout the Puget Sound region enjoy KCPT’s performances and programs each year.

Late in September, Port Townsend fills up with folks who love cinema and what it brings to each of us with the Port Townsend Film Festival. Throughout the rest of the year, the PTFF collaborates with schools, theatres and filmmakers to amplify the voice of independent media.

So come and indulge yourself in our vibrant, inspired and imaginative arts community. Participate in a workshop, buy a piece of art, or watch a performance, and let your inner artist be rejuvenated.