Farm Fresh

If you love food, you will love Port Townsend.

At the center of it all is the Port Townsend Farmers Market. Voted as the Washington State Farmers Market of the Year, this institution is home to an amazing array of local produce, from artichokes and arugula in the spring to berries, flowers, tomatoes and zuchinni in the summer, and apples, pumpkins, and wild mushrooms in the fall.

In addition to impressive producers, Port Townsend boasts some of the finest restaurants west of Seattle. Catering to all tastes, Port Townsend’s eateries specialize in using farm fresh and local ingredients in imaginative and tasty ways.

Going beyond the restaurant, visitors can experience Olympic Coast Cuisine via the Olympic Culinary Loop. Olympic Coast Cuisine reflects the diverse microclimates, coastal proximity and Native American heritage that characterize the Olympic Peninsula. The combination of sustainable locally-grown and foraged fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries, locally hunted game, bountiful local sea fare, and handcrafted local wines offers farm to table experiences that instill a unique sense of place. Prepared with reverence to the local history and culture, fresh Olympic Coast Cuisine is best enjoyed amid the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Olympic Peninsula loop.

Plan Your Future Trip

Map is a fun and interactive way to plan your future dream vacation in Jefferson County. The map links to local businesses and activities in the area, features an easy to use itinerary planner which is sharable on social media, it has a calendar of local events when safe & healthy events can once again be scheduled, and showcases popular trail maps. iMap is a trip planner right at your fingertips. Plan your trip and start exploring what Jefferson County has to offer!