KnotsOn Wooden Boat Wednesday, Bill Dengler will present some standard and alternative knots for a variety of useful applications both on and off of a boat.

This class will be held Noon-1:30pm, April 24, 2013 at the Northwest Maritime Center, and will be a hands-on session and will be limited to 25 students. The event is free, but reservations are required. Sign up early to reserve a spot! or call 360.385.3628 ext 101.

There will be a knot to bundle those pesky loose items, such as sticks from the garden, for easy carry and transport and the jug sling that will allow you to carry your water bottle on your belt or easily secure it to a cleat or eye on a boat. Bill will provide rope so students can practice the various knots as they are taught.

After the practical knot portion of the program, Bill will demonstrate how to start and tie some of the interesting ornamental coverings – French spiral hitching and St. Mary’s hitching – that adorn the rails of boats and provide a more substantial surface for one to hold onto. Then you can go enhance your boat or add a nautical theme to locations at home.

In conclusion, Bill will show students how to start and tie a simple Turks Head that is used to cover ends and joins in ornamental coverings and has so many other interesting nautical uses.