Get ready to dive deep into Cajun culture with an authentic Cajun Swamp Pop Honky Tonk Dance featuring The Revelers,  on May 9, 2015 at the USO Building in Fort Worden.

Admission is $10 at the door, and the party will start at 7:30pm. Yes – there will be a beer garden!

The dance is the culmination of Centrum’sf Kitchen Culture – an authentic Cajun culinary, music and dance event taking place May 6-10, 2015, at Fort Worden. The gathering is guided by Southwest Louisiana food gurus Toby Rodriguez and Bryan Kyzer; Louisiana’s award-winning music supergroup The Revelers; and hot two-stepping duo Corey Porche and Sally Freund.

Not everyone can book a trip Louisiana to discover this. That’s why Kitchen Culture is bringing it to you.

Kitchen Culture combines the music, food and dances of Louisiana, a trinity of creativity and a way of life, established in the hearts and souls of its people since day one, says Chas Justus, of The Revelers. It is a culture existing in context with each element feeding off the other, not fulfilling its calling individually but existing for one another, making each other shine.

Food: Centrum will create an authentic boucherie at Fort Worden, guided by Toby Rodriguez and Bryan Kyzer from Southwest Louisiana. If you are looking for authentic Cajun culinary instruction, are committed to the farm-to-table movement, and interested in locally-sourced food, Kitchen Culture is for you. Learn more about the food track!

Music. Kitchen Culture will give you the opportunity to improve your Cajun music chops with an immersion into southwest Louisiana music making, courtesy of The Revelers – one of America’s finest cajun bands.

Dance. Cajun and Zydeco dance aren’t just art forms – they are cultural experiences in their own right. Corey Porche will be your guide and get you movin’!

Learn more about Kitchen Culture: