Join us October 3-4, 2015 for the 33rd Great PT Bay Kinetic Race. There will be thrills, there will be chills, songs and of course there will be Glory!

Whether you crawl on all fours, or all eights. Or you slither, slide or roll. Whether you glad or flutter. Come join us for an all Bug race. Its a Bug’s World After All.

A Kinetic Skulpture is a human powered, artistically enhanced vehicle that must go through sand (Kwick Sand), mud (The Dismal Bog), float on water (The Great Bay), and transverse hilly, silly neighborhoods. Some skulptures are engineering marvels while most are a mixture of bicycle parts, styrofoam, duct tape, imagination and prayers. Awards are given to each racer whether they want it or not, but the most highly prized award is the “Mediocrity Award”, the skulpture that finishes in the middle of the pack. Kinetic racers as well as glorious spectators must be kapable of having fun without taking the event too seriously.

What started out to be a friendly, creative home town race has now grown up to be a philosophical, artistic, engineering movement, with a devoted following worldwide. It has become an appealing visual attraction drawing international media attention. The Kinetic Sculpture Race enjoys the reputation as a fun spectator sport, entertaining fans from all corners of the globe. These kineticnauts and their wacky Kontraptions; have won the hearts, and imaginations of all who witness this eccentric, eclectic pageantry of human powered machinery.

The Port Townsend race is the third oldest race on the ever growing Kinetic Racing circuit, and is one of the few remaining kinetic races that are not owned by a corporation. It is an independent race, with the volunteer organizers priding themselves on keeping the grass roots & kinetic spirit alive.

Saturday’s festivities start at Low Noon beginning with a parade downtown, followed by a break test, and then the water portion of the race! At 8:00pm there will be a Koronation Ball where a new Rose Hips Kween will be chosen, an unbelievable display of talent, jokes and recipes will help the crowd choose the winning kontestant! Live music will be played by a live band to keep everyone dancing well into the night.

Sunday the race continues, but first, in front of City Hall, the racers will be required to sing their way into the hearts of the krowd, and perform a sobriety test to prove that the Ball libations did not dull their senses. The racers begin pedaling at Low Noon, Kinetic Kops will issue citations, kontrolling khaos and konfusion at the event, while the glorious judges look on to find their favorites. Bribes given freely may help to keep the judges marking you high and help persuade the kops to ignore felonious indiscretions, and bribing the Kinetic Konsortium is always wise. Racers complete the route around 5pm if they are lucky, and arrive at the awards ceremony muddy, sore, and yet brimming with well earned Glory!