Romantic comedy, historical drama, documentary, stories of valor… Calling all film lovers! Your pass for the 2013 PT Film Festival has never been more valuable because the Festival has expanded to 6 indoor venues.  Of particular buzz is the elegant Silverwater Theatre, Port Townsend’s newest movie theatre. This premier venue sits atop the Silverwater Café with a gorgeous new screen and furniture to match.  Be the first audience at 9am on Friday morning.  With only 45 elegant seats, this promises to be a favorite, so get there early.

Passes are available online here: or stop by the Hospitality Center at The Cotton Building (607 Water Street) which opens on Thursday morning 9/19/13 at 11am.  Afterward,  you can wander over next door to the Pope Marine Park Building and visit AREA 51, the “out of this world” organic cocktail bar.  Read the program, sip coconut water or one of our signature cocktails and meet otherfilm lovers planning their 3 day film fest.  This oasis of beverage and festivities will be open Thursday until 7pm, Fri- Sun noon until close.  Check the print program for details or visit our program on line at

Another new theatre opens at 9am Friday- the Broughton Theatre at Key City Public Theatre, 419 Washington St.  Returning again this year is the Peter Simpson Free Cinema in the American Legion Hall, 209 Monroe St.- new entrance on Washington, thru the lobby.  This theatre opens at 9:15am, as does the Rosebud Cinema.  The Rose Theatre opens at 9:30am.

4pm opening ceremonies at Haller Fountain hosted by Joey Pipia welcomes back The Rakers and Hooray- a whole parade of Marilyn Monroes!  The Lawn Chair Rhythm Planet Drill Team and Drum Core open our celebration of filmmakers who will illuminate the  weekend with insights and stories on the set.  With 92 films at nearly 70 screenings, you are going to have a great time deciding what to see next.