Photo Contest Terms & Conditions

Before uploading a photo to our site for the Best of Autumn & Winter in PT Photo Contest, carefully read the following terms and conditions. If you agree to the terms as they are written, check the “I agree” box on the entry form to submit an entry. Entry into the competition is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Photographs will be accepted only from the original photographer. You must be the sole author and the owner of the copyright in all photos you enter.
  • Up to 3 photos can be submitted per contest period.
  • Incomplete, indecipherable, or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid.
  • Photographers must have sufficient permission of any recognizable persons appearing in the photograph to be able to grant rights to display the photographic submission online or in printed materials.
  • Photographers retain ownership of all copyrights. By submitting an image for entry in this contest, you give the City of Port Townsend and its agents permission and rights to store, display, and use the image, its thumbnails, and your name as the photographer without notification or compensation.
  • Winners will be required to sign a license agreement that gives the City an unlimited non-commercial license to use the photographs in all media, electronic or print in order to promote the City of Port Townsend (such as newsletters, reports, online postings, or any other marketing piece: electronic or printed) without further notification.
  • All submitted images will remain in the possession of the City of Port Townsend or its agents indefinitely and may be used for promotional marketing without further notification.
  • All submitted images are subject to moderation/approval before published in contest.
  • Entrants aged 18 years and younger confirm that their entries have been authorized by a parent and or legal guardian. The City reserves the right to contact the parent or guardian to confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. A breach of this consent requirement will result in the entry being ineligible.
  • Entry is not open to City employees, elected officials, or its contractors. However, entry is open to their family members.
  • Entry is not open to political parties, Federal and or State government department and /or their contractors.
  • The City of Port Townsend may rule ineligible any entrant (without notifying the entrant) deemed not complying with the Terms and Conditions.